3 day in-lab turnaround time

3 day in-lab
turnaround time

Finest Quality Materials

Finest Quality

Local Pickup, Delivery or mail order

Local Pickup,
Delivery or mail order

Friendly, personal customer care

Friendly, personal
customer care


The Best is Our Starting Point

At Ortho by Design 3D, or OD3D Lab for short, we pride ourselves in using only the finest materials and wires. All of our appliances and models are disinfected and sealed. There are never charges due to a lab error or material defect. We work hard and communicate closely with you to produce dental appliances to your specifications. With our fast, 3 day in-lab turnaround, we can arrange for local pickup, delivery or also provide mail order service for clients nationwide. There is no charge for acrylic colors and retainer cases and activation keys of your choice are included as well. In short, we’re here to provide the best quality orthodontic and pedodontic products to you with exceptional service. Contact us today!

Ortho Depot Lab
Ortho by Design 3D consistently delivers quality, well fitting appliances in a timely manner at a reasonable price. They make my life easier!"
Dr. Chad Shobe, Southern Dental Associates

list of our orthodontic & Pedodontic products

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  • Hawley Plate with posterior clasping
  • 3-3 Hawley Bow only
  • 3-3 Hawley Bow with clasping
  • 3-3 Hawley with Flat Bow
  • Circumferential (wrap) Simple
  • Circumferential with soldered clasping
  • Retraction Style Spring Loaded
  • Modified Spring (facial acrylic)
  • 3-3 Clip and with extensions
  • 4-4 Spring Clip

Vacuum Formed

  • Essix (all materials)
  • Bleaching Trays
  • Hard/Soft Bruxism
  • Night Guards
  • Gelb
  • Zendura
  • Sports & Designer
  • Mouthguard

Functional Appliances

  • Penguin Distalizer
  • E Spring Arch
  • Banded/Bonded RPE
  • Super/Micro/Slim Line Expander
  • Quad Helix
  • Distal Jet
  • Frozat
  • Herbst
  • Schwartz/Sagittal

Phase 1 (Holding Appliances)

  • Lingual Arch (omega loops available)
  • Removable Space Maintainer
  • Band and Loop (active available)
  • Nance
  • Halterman
  • Blue Grass
  • Pedo Partial
  • Thumb Habit/Tongue Thrust
  • TPA
  • Flipper


  • 3-3 Bonded
  • Bond a splint
  • Pontics (trimmed & shaped/ set in retainer)
  • Pontic with Bonding Bridge wire
  • Reset Teeth
  • Bite Planes
  • Acrylic Labial Bow
  • Bands (rollo)/Attachments/Headgear extensions

Clasping & Springs

  • Ball Clasp
  • C Clasp
  • Adams Clasp
  • Eye Clasp
  • Support/Restwire
  • Cowhorn
  • Piston Screws
  • Z Springs
  • Helix and Double Helix Springs
  • Soldered Springs

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