About Us

One day in the fall of 1968 and looking for a part time job, I happened by a dental office to see if they were hiring. It was a small practice with one assistant who took care of the entire office. Her name was Mrs Green. She was ready for some help in the office and I landed the job. Mrs. Green immediately trained me in X-rays, sterilization, operatory care and anything else she needed help with. I loved it! But across the hall was an orthodontic practice. I would see the assistants coming and going and we would speak. I asked what they did and they took me inside to show me what they did and how an orthodontic office worked. As soon as they showed me their lab area and all the processes, I was infatuated. Knowing this was of great interest to me and how I love geometry and art. So, I told them to keep me in mind of any position became available. The following spring they approached me about working in their office for the summer while one of the assistants was on maternity leave. I jumped at the chance and started in orthodontics in the summer of 1969. This was the beginning of my journey into orthodontics. I soaked up all information and then some, but my first love was lab work. They were happy to hand it over.

I eventually moved to other offices learning many styles of orthodontic treatments per the doctor school of thought. At that time, the existing method at that time was the “Begg System” developed by Dr. Percival R Begg from Coolgardie, Australia. Since first starting in orthodontics, I have seen it change from the Begg system, all banded and cemented teeth, to bonded Brackets(metal, ceramic and plastic) to the now popular Damon System.

Taking many courses in lab work and attending Guilford Technical Institute to learn radiology, has promoted my interest in opening the first orthodontic laboratory in my area to all general dentist and orthodontist.

The opportunity arrive for opening up my lab in 1995. Starting originally out of my home. We have been growing ever since. We are now a team with creative pursuits of producing all our appliances and our 3D technology. OD3D Lab has a fantastic team and we all work well together in achieving a great product at the end of the day.

Ortho by Design 3D Lab is now celebrating over 23 years of working with our doctors and offices. Check out our Facebook page. We have fun!!